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Places in Darjeeling Queen of Hill Stations in India

Places in Darjeeling, Darjeeling Queen of Hill Stations in India

Best Places to Visit in Darjeeling | Popular Things to Do, Tourist Places & Attractions

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Places in Darjeeling,When you are reading this, I am sure you are very much aware of the beauty and attractions of Darjeeling. Let’s not get into that again.

Places in Darjeeling  Darjeeling is a beautiful city in West Bengal, India. It is also called the queen of hills. Darjeeling is famous all over the world for its tea gardens, beautiful hills, waterfalls, green natural beauty, toy train, and many more. If you want to roam in this lockdown a place full of greenery and pollution-free, then Darjeeling can prove to be the best destination for you.

Places in Darjeeling, Queen of Hill Stations in India

Places in Darjeeling,THE HILL STATIONS OF India are famous for their romantic allure and offering respite from the heat of the plains, and among them, Darjeeling, Queen of Hill Stations, is one of the most charming. With emerald green tea gardens spreading out in every direction,

Tourist places near Darjeeling includes:

RopewayDarjeeling Ropeway

also known as the Queen of the Himalayas, is renowned for its picturesque beauty. The mesmerizing landscapes of the snow-capped mountains, vibrant valleys, and vast tea estates never fail to trench the wanderlust. A ropeway journey over the beautiful hill station will give you a panoramic view of the Himalayan hill city.

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Places in Darjeeling,The experience of watching a hill station of altitude 2042 meters from the ropeway will definitely be a lifetime achievement for a nature lover. Darjeeling is famous among the tourists for the aesthetic view of the snow-peaked Kanchenjunga. Also, tourists from all over the world come to Darjeeling every year to experience the famous toy train.

Attract more tourists to the Queen of the hill cities the ropeway was started in 1968 by the Forest Development Department. It is known to be the first cable car system in India. Also, Darjeeling ropeway is the greatest traveler ropeway system in Asia. There was another reason also behind starting of this ropeway system.

The tea gardens in Darjeeling used to be in such valleys that it was difficult to set up proper communication between the tea gardens. Initially, it was started to cater to the tea gardens. At that time the cable car system started with only one cable car. In the year 1988, it increased to 16 cable cars, each with a capacity of 6 persons. In October 2003, the ropeway got closed after the death of four tourists in a severe accident.

The famous ropeway of Darjeeling, situated at an elevation of 2134 meters is a 244 meters long bi-cable ropeway. Starting from Singamari, widely known as the north point of the hill city, it ends at Singla, on the bank of the Ramman river.

The river Ramman is a must-visit destination for nature lovers. Ramman is the stream establishing a connection between little Rangeet and the great Rangeet. To reach Singla Bazaar, an important hub of the hill city, it takes around 45 minutes.

The cable car gives stops at Tukver, Burnesbeg, and Singla Tea Garden. Tukvar is famous for its picturesque natural beauty. The place offers the scenic beauty of North Tukver Tea Estate, nursery, timber, and bamboo forest to the visitors.

Batasia loop



Batasia Loop Darjeeling | Darjeeling Himalayan Railway | Darjeeling Station | Walk Another Mile - YouTube

Places in Darjeeling,You will pass the Batasia Loop if you rise the Toy Train Ride but you can also reach the destination if you just ride a cab from the town and the latter will give more scenic views of the city. Situated on the Hill Cart Road, it won’t take you longer than 20 minutes from the town. Fall in love with nature all over again and succumb hard to the temptation of finding the nature connection. 

One of the greatest engineering feats, Batasia Loop lies almost 5 kilometers from Darjeeling town. Part of the toy-train track between Darjeeling and Ghoom, it was constructed by the British to counter the sharp descent that happens just after the train crosses Ghoom, the highest railway station. As the train completes the circular loop, it descends 140 feet and crosses its own track through a tunnel below. Located on Hill Cart Road, the Batasia loop is situated at an altitude of 7000 meters from sea level. It houses a garden that is 50000 square feet covered with grass and beautified with seasonal and perennial flowers and shrubs.

The stunning visual landscape with the backdrop of snowy mountains sure leaves a person in awe of the beauty of the place. The word ‘batasia’ literally, means an airy space. If you are looking for a weekend gateway to unwind yourself, then Batasia Loop is a perfect place to rejuvenate in the lap of nature surrounded by snow-clad mountains.

you can see the war memorial that was built in the year of 1995 at the center of Batasia Loop to honor the Gorkha soldiers who laid down their lives for the independence of our country. A cenotaph built next to a 3-meter-high statue of a Gorkha soldier has the roll of honor of the soldiers along with the dates.

There is an Eco Garden at Batasia Loop which houses many species of rare plants and flowers. It is an exciting tourist attraction as you get to know unique information.

As you cross the exit area, you will find a local market just outside the loop area. There are stalls of local relishes like shingaras and samosas. Stalls of bags, hats, and other decorative items are there.

Happy valley tea estate





Places in Darjeeling,Visit the Tea producing mine of Darjeeling, Happy Valley Tea Estate which is indeed a gorgeous spot if you want to visit. You can visit between Tuesday to Saturday from 8 in the morning to 4 in the evening and even get a guide. You can also visit the Tenzing Rock when you are on your brief trip out in the city. 

Often denoted as the land of the best growing tea in the world, Darjeeling is home to a number of estates that has been running since the colonial times. One fine creation of these colonial times is the Happy Valley. Established back in the 19th century, Happy Valley is the 2nd oldest tea estate in Darjeeling.
The property has a land expanse of 437 acres and is situated just 3 km north of the main town. Happy Valley is known to produce some of the finest quality of tea in India, which goes by the name ‘Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe’. This gets further categorized into Green tea, White tea and Black tea. Tea bushes that are being put into use are believed to be 100 years old, or even older.

Tiger hill

Tiger Hill, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India, Video


Places in Darjeeling,One of the biggest attractions of Darjeeling is the Tiger Hill and I must recommend that you never ever skip on the chance if you get one to climb all the way up to the peak and witness the glorious sun coming up.

You can book a cab and drive to the hill and then take a local guide and explore the beautiful peak while basking in the scenic beauty of the stunning surroundings. Make sure that you go there in the early morning to catch the rising sun or you will miss out on the world famous sunrise. As you inch towards the Tiger Hill, you will get a better view of the Mt. Kanchenjunga which is a sight worth relishing.

Himalayan railwayDarjeeling Himalayan Railways-Book Indrail Passes | Indian Railways Booking Request|Darjeeling Himalayan Railways Luxury Train

Places in Darjeeling,The Darjeeling Toy Train is now back to enchant passengers travelling between the hill town of Darjeeling from New Jalpaiguri (NJP). The train ride returned on August 25 after not moving for about 17 months. The Darjeeling-Ghoom-Darjeeling train route too returned to provide passengers with joy rides August 16 onwards.

File:Darjeeling Himalayan Railway,toy train (3).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The much coveted toy train service was suspended after the COVID 19 pandemic took hold of the world last year in the month of March.Darjeeling Himalayan Railway gets first evening train after 137 years - YouTube

Places in Darjeeling,Guneet Kaur, CPRO, NF Railway said in a statement, “As we all try to come out of this pandemic and return to normalcy, NF Railways is happy to announce that they are resuming their toy train services on Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. These services were stopped on March 22, 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and now we are ready to again gear up and start the services from August 25, 2021. We request you all to maintain Covid-19 protocols during your travel and stay safe.”

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is also going to go through a transition like never before as it is on its way to get privatized in accordance with the National Monetization Pipeline. But this is not the only heritage railway to go through such a change, as the Kalka Shimla Railway, Matheran Railway, and the Nilgiri Mountain Railways will also be meeting the same fate.

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the finest heritage train rides in the country. If you want to experience slow travel, then this is the best option. You will get properly acquainted with the Eastern Himalayas.

Japanese peace pagodaJapanese Peace Pagoda in Darjeeling

Places in Darjeeling,Japanese peace pagoda Located just a few kilometers from the Darjeeling town center, the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple is among the best scenic spots in Darjeeling. The building has a beautiful and conventional Japanese style architecture which you won’t find much in India so if you are in the city, make the most out of it.

Find an inner sense of peace at Darjeeling’s Japanese Peace Pagoda, part of a family of NipponzanMyohoji Buddhist Temples found all over the world. The one is Darjeeling is located along Jalapahar Hill, with a most scenic view of the Kanchenjunga range, which includes the 3rd highest peak in the world. Follow the rhythmic drumming and chanting to the upstairs, where a Japanese nun and fellow Nepali devotees invite you in while reciting “NamuMyohoRengeKyo” in honor of the Lotus Sutra. Don’t be shy, have a seat and join them in the chanting.

After a few minutes, you will feel a sense of calmness come over you. As you leave, you are offered sweet candy that represents the blessings of Buddha. Then, head to the actual pagoda, an immaculate white building that is encompassed by verdant vegetation. Come experience the radiating peaceful energy of the Japanese Peace Pagoda!

Barbotey rock garden


Places in Darjeeling,Rock Garden and Ganga Maya Park are two newly added tourist spots located a few miles away from Darjeeling. Rock Garden, also known as Barbotey Rock Garden, is a man-made terraced garden cut out of rocks at different levels, and is located in the valley that sits below the main city.

The drive down to the garden is a treat in itself, as it gives you a breathtaking view of the lush valley, playing hide and seek under a cover of fluffy clouds. Visitors can go to the top to enjoy the beauty and the serenity of the surroundings. A lovely waterfall cascades over the rocks to form a clear pool at the bottom. Visitors can sit for hours and soak in the natural beauty of Darjeeling.

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